At first glance, Alejandro Rauhut’s art may appear to be an eclectic combination of styles and themes, but upon delving deeper into his work, an interesting coherence is revealed. His inspiration stems from the human being, divinity, and the inner quest. His artworks are imbued with a profound sense of introspection and reflection. Through physical, digital, interactive, and installation pieces, he challenges the viewer to question their own existence and explore their own inner journey. It is precisely this emotional and transcendental connection with the audience that makes his work powerful and relevant.

One notable aspect of Rauhut’s creations is his experimentation with lights, shadows, reflections, and projections. These elements become powerful tools that he uses to create a visually impactful and immersive experience. By exploring and playing with these technical aspects, by incorporating materials such as mirror, glass, acrylic, and light, among others, he brings his ideas to life, transcending the contemplative and involving the viewer and the environment in his work.

Each of Rauhut’s series is a journey in itself. His ability to combine different visual and aesthetic elements creates striking compositions that capture the viewer’s attention and immerse them in a sensory experience. The lighting techniques he employs are particularly captivating as they play a crucial role in highlighting the beauty and fragility of the human condition. His artworks defy established artistic conventions and open new doors to interpretation. Each exhibition he presents becomes an opportunity to immerse oneself in a world of introspection and contemplation.

Born in Colombia in 1981, Rauhut studied industrial design at the Universidad de los Andes and graphic design at the Universidad La Salle, both in Bogota. In addition to Leonard Tourné Gallery, his work has been exhibited at the Edgar Negret Museum as well as numerous galleries including Galería La Cometa, Galería Elvira Moreno, and RAUM in Bogota, Gallery 21 in Tokyo, and Joseph Turenne Galerie in Paris. He has also participated in a number of international art fairs, including CONTEXT Art Miami where his NFT, a digital abstraction of his "Layers of the Self" work was shown in 2022. Rauhut has also collaborated with BMW, exhibiting his light installations and other works during the launch of the new BMW 7i series.


2023 – “TKY” Gallery 21, Tokyo Japan
2023 – “Giant Exclusions” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2023 – “Paths of Life” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – “FRACTUS” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – “Infinite Hemispheres Installation” ARTY, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – “Exclusions NFT” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – Auction ARTY, Museo Casa Negret, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – “Hemispheres” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – “Communion” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2022 – “Divided Thoughts” RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2021 – “Community 1.0”, RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2021 – “Capas del Ser Sculptures”, RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2020 – Auction, Subastarte, Bogotá Colombia
2020 – Con Intención, Estudio 74, Bogotá Colombia
2019 – In House, Galería Elvira Moreno, Bogotá Colombia
2018 – En la Mira II, Galería La Cometa, Bogotá Colombia
2017 – ARTE FACTOS, Joseph Turenne Galerie, París France
2014 – Auction FUNDACIÓN VOLVER, Bogotá Colombia
2013 – MOA Opening, Galería La Cometa, Bogotá Colombia


2023 – ART SantaFe, K-Art Project, Santa Fe New Mexico
2023 – ARTBO FDS, RAUM, Bogotá Colombia
2023 – ArtExpo New York, K-Art Project, New York USA
2023 – Art Wynwood, K-Art Project, Miami USA
2022 – CONTEXT, K-Art Project, Miami USA
2022 – Aruba Art Fair, ARTY, San Nicolas, Aruba
2022 – West Palm Beach Contemporary, K-Art Project, Miami USA
2021 – REDDOT, K-Art Project, Miami USA
2020 – ARTLIMA, Galería Elvira Moreno, Lima Perú
2019 – SCOPE, Galería Elvira Moreno, Miami USA
2019 – ARTBO FDS, PLECTO Galería, Bogotá Colombia
2018 – ARTBO FDS, PLECTO Galería, Bogotá Colombia
2017 – MAG-SWISS, Montreux Switzerland
2017 – ARTBO FDS, PLECTO Galería, Bogotá Colombia
2016 – BURO, Bogotá Colombia
2016 – Artesanías de Colombia, Bogotá Colombia
2015 – BURO, Bogotá Colombia
2015 – Artesanías de Colombia, Bogotá Colombia


2002 – Industrial Design, Universidad de los Andes
2004 – Graphic Design, Universidad La Salle College